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What is CoreNetwork?

The next generation of decentralized communication. CoreNetwork - aims to create an integrated cross-platform runtime environment for end users. Our developments offer users a completely new online experience and an unprecedented level of trust, with all assets remaining 100% owned by the users.
This guarantees a growing ecosystem.

Our Ecosystem


The core network ecosystem is a collection of projects managed by members of the core community.
Our targets are to have active and high quality core projects in a single ecosystem that is easy to search and find.


The plan is to develop user-centered blockchain products that anyone can use to create, manage, trade, store, explore, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets.


Our users have free access to the Core Wallet. A user-friendly blockchain wallet that allows both experienced and novice traders to transfer digital assets directly to their own fiat wallet in just a few seconds. Trading has never been easier.


Various API utilities will also be offered for free use. [currently being revised]



- 02.05.2021
token rewards and loyalty program is being prepared.

- 01.05.2021
version 2.2.0 was made available to the public.

- 27.01.2021
version 2.1.1 was made available to the public.

- 24.01.2021
the core main-chain was integrated into the mainnet.

The Core Token - an important segment in our ecosystem.

The CoreNetwork ecosystem is fueled by Core Token (CRX), an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency used to directly back the value of blockchain assets.

You can trade CRX here:

(other exchanges will follow)

Core version 2.2 was successfully integrated into mainnet

Discover countless developments & become part of the core network.


Our team consists of professionals and blockchain enthusiasts from all areas of the crypto world.

You can ask our team members in our community for information yourself. Because we believe that full transparency is not good for the masses in general.

Strategic partners:

Community & News

Join our official Telegram channel and stay up to date. Exchange ideas with other members about the Crx ecosystem, participate in polls. and much more.

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We are interested in making CoreNetwork even bigger and easier. We collect all information about Core in one place: updates, links and market data on CRX.

Support our work by donating to the following addresses (choose a cryptocurrency of your choice):

If you have any news to share or would like to contact us, please contact us at


Donate CORE
Please use this Core-address to donate. Thanks for your contribution!

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Klagenfurt | AUSTRIA.


Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Dennis W.
Chief Technology Officer (CTO): Robert N.
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): Sinan C.


Please use our contact form or mail address to send us a message.

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