Terms of Conditions

General Terms of Conditions

1. Performance and testing

1.1. The subject of a cooperation may be:
- Airdrop
- Acquisition of voting rights
- Creation of individual programs
- Acquisition of works use licenses
- Participation in commissioning (conversion support)
- Program and network maintenance
- Creation of program makers
- Other services

1.2. The development of individual organizational concepts and programs is based on the type and extent of the binding information, documents and resources provided by This also includes practical test data as well as test facilities to a sufficient extent, which are made available to the community on time, in normal working hours and at its own expense (crx token). If the owner of Phantom token is already working on the real-world test facility, the responsibility for securing the real data lies with the end user. This can lead to the loss of assets.


2. Payment

2.1. The exchange requested by the user through the swap program and the resulting blockchain entries including transaction fees are no longer to be revoked from the entry into the core network and can not be reversed. By using our platform and the service, you agree to our terms and conditions.

2.2. In the case of executions (e.g., programs and / or games, web developments, ...), the user is obliged to dissociate himself from fraud or improper enrichment.
If various rules are violated, your ip address will automatically be made inaccessible and your account will be frozen.
2.3. The adherence to the agreed payment terms in the blockchain constitutes an essential condition for the execution of the correct transaction. A contract is only completed when both networks (CRX and / or ETHEREUM) have been successfully sent through the network. Failure to comply with the agreed payments shall entitle to cease the ongoing work and to withdraw from the contract. All associated costs and any loss of profit must be borne by the end user.

2.4. The user is not entitled to withhold or claim back payments for incomplete transaction histories, warranty or warranty claims or complaints.

Our terms and conditions are continuously processed.
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